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Choosing The Labyrinth


♠ 19-year-old sentimental English girl.

♣ Dreamer, reader, would-be writer, thinker, coffee drinker.

"A picker up of shells on the shores of the great unknown ocean."


I’m Lydia and my favourite things include reading, eating and sleeping. Books, films and the internet are my preferred forms of escapism. Cynical is my default setting but I suppose I’m easily amused. At this point all I want to do is move out, travel and take photographs/write a book, but I’m poorer than a Weasley so this isn’t possible, hence the reason I’m still stewing in a mess of anxiety and depression. Ah well, maybe one day I’ll reach the green light at the end of the dock. I’m in my first year of studying English & Philosophy at the University of Liverpool.

I love going to the cinema with friends more often than I can afford to (GIVE ME MOVIES), eating pizza (actually anything with cheese on it), Jennifer Lawrence, getting lost in good books, imagining unlikely scenarios in my head, laughing at things that aren’t even funny, Tom Hiddleston, listening to music on long journeys, sleeping after a long day, and commiserating and celebrating humanity with good-hearted people who are trying to make the world a better place. I’m more of an Augustus Waters on the heroism front, but maybe time will change my mind. Speaking of time, there is not enough of it to do all the things I want to do, but I am trying to spend it wisely, because time you enjoy wasting is not wasted at all.

I prefer eloquence with a beat but I listen to a variety of music. My favourite bands/artists include Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Paramore, Muse, Imagine Dragons, My Chemical Romance, VersaEmerge, We Are The In Crowd, fun., Lady Gaga and Patrick Stump.

24, 30 seconds to mars, alan rickman, alice in wonderland, andrew scott, art, baking, band shirts, benedict cumberbatch, blake harnage, books, brendon urie, captain america, caramel lattes, catherine tate, charlavail, charlie higson, chris evans, chris hemsworth, chris wolstenholme, cinema, coffee, comedy, concerts, daniel radcliffe, daryl dixon, david tennant, dipdye, doctor who, dom howard, drawing, ed sheeran, ed westwick, emma watson, equality, evanescence, eyes, fall out boy, fanfiction, fantasy, florida, fluffy slippers, frank iero, fun., gerard way, gossip girl, hair, halloween, handmade accessories, happy endings, harry potter, hayley williams, helena bonham carter, history, hoodies, horror movies, idris elba, imagine dragons, iron man, jack bauer, jared leto, jennifer lawrence, jeremy davis, john green, jordan eckes, josh franceschi, josh hutcherson, kiefer sutherland, lady gaga, laughing, leighton meester, london, long car journeys, looking for alaska, lord of the rings, luther, magic, martin freeman, marvel, matt bellamy, mean girls, mikey way, miranda hart, morningside, much ado about nothing, muse, music, my chemical romance, nerdfighteria, new york, new zealand, nikki simmons, norman reedus, painting, panic! at the disco, paper towns, paramore, paris, parks and recreation, pasta, patrick stump, penn badgley, photography, psychology, ray toro, reading, robert downey jr, rupert grint, russell howard, ruth wilson, sherlock, showers, sierra kusterbeck, skulduggery pleasant, snow, spencer smith, stars, tay jardine, taylor york, television, the avengers, the big bang theory, the corpse bride, the hobbit, the hunger games, the mortal instruments, the nightmare before christmas, the walking dead, thor, tim burton, tim minchin, tina fey, tokyo, tom felton, tom hiddleston, torchwood, tpobaw, vampires, venice, versaemerge, wanderlust, watic, writing, you me at six, zombies